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Updated 8/27/2013
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Reminder Players Rating   

Just a reminder to get your player ratings in. The Page can be found Here.


Hello Prospective Coaches,
Thanks for your interest in coaching this year. Without interested, motivated coaches we cannot field the 200+ teams that we form each year. Here is how you can coach a team in 2013:

  1. APPLY online to coach a team, -- Complete the online “Coaching Application”.
  2. FILL OUT and PRINT 2 Copies of the AYSO volunteer form (must be done every year). 2 copies must be brought to the player registration at Conejo Creek on April 20th , or the coaches meeting, or a coaching clinic for verification. Start your volunteer registration on your eAYSO page located at
  3. ATTEND the Coaches meeting (July 23rd U6/U7/U8, July 25th U10 & above), 7PM at Los Robles, and the Practice Lottery on Thursday Aug 8th at Conejo Creek.  See details below.
  4. You must attend Safe Haven (only 1 time) and the age-appropriate coaching clinic for your team (details below).

Reminders and New Information

Did you delete Tom Becker's "Week at the Creek" e-mail, and then realize that there was some really important information which you forgot to jot down?  Not to worry:  we have all of the "Weeks" right here!  (updated 9/17/2013)

Requests for FREE UK Training Sessions for your team are now being accepted.  Click here for the Trainers Schedule, to confirm your times and to see the open slots that can be requested.
For the next (12) weeks we have the use of 2 UK "trainers" - college players from the United Kingdom who have been Safe Haven certified and trained in our AYSO training  programs. They are professional, paid trainers and are here to assist you in running your practices,  to teach/demonstrate soccer techniques, to discuss & suggest soccer tactics based on YOUR team,  and pretty much any other soccer-related activity you can think of. Also, on a limited basis you  can request them to visit your competitive games to assist in field placement, formations, and  game tactics. Pretty cool! . (added 8/20/2013)

Player uniforms were distributed on Sunday August 18th.  Check the Uniform Distribution web page for details on how to get your Team's uniforms if you missed the 18th.  (updated 8/20/2013)

Reminder:  practices started during the week of 8/19/2013 (added 8/12/2013)

The Practice Lottery was held Thursday August 8 at the Conejo Creek South soccer fields starting at 5:30pm.  See the Practice Lottery web page for details. (updated 8/13/2013)

The Practice Schedule is now available (from the Region 9 Home page you can click on Calendars, Schedules then Practice Schedules). (added 8/8/2013)

Submit information on your Team's Volunteers (Team Managers, Assistant Coach, Team Referees, Team Sponsors) on-line by Clicking here.  Not sure if your team information has been submitted?  Check here.  (added 8/4/2013)

Opening Day is Saturday, September 7th!

Check out Region 9's Substitution Procedures video for some tips from our Referee Staff on how it should be done.

Coaching Clinics

Player Replacement Uniforms

Uniform replacement information will be available after uniforms have been distributed.

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Coaches Meetings

If you missed the mandatory Coaches meeting please contact Tom Becker.

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General Information

Team Volunteers

One of the first and most important jobs you will have as a Region 9 Coach will be to recruit a Team Manager (or Managers, if 2 parents wish to share the job).  This person should be organized and detail-oriented, willing and able to help relieve you of some of the details of running a team:  team banners, snack schedules, team parties and more.

Check out the Team Managers page for complete details about the Team Volunteers you will need for the season. (They are required for all teams). It also explains how you or your Team Manager can get the Team Volunteer information submitted.

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Volunteer Registration

Don't forget to register yourself as an AYSO Volunteer for the 2013 season!  This applies to both new AND returning coaches and other volunteers.

  • We need two (2) signed and dated copies of your eAYSO-generated Volunteer Application, returned to a Region 9 Board member.
  • If you were not a registered Region 9 Volunteer last year, we will need to see your proof of identity:  a drivers license or other government-issued picture ID.
  • This required registration must be done before you start any of the AYSO coach-training programs - and before you can get your team!

Not sure if you are already a Registered AYSO Volunteer for the 2013 season? Check here 2013 Registered Volunteers to see if your name is there.

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Coaching Certification

The coaching program is administered under the guidance of the Regional Coaching Administrator and his staff, with the assistance of the Area & Section Coaching staff. The coaching program requires certification of each individual to assure safety and consistency in coaching.

When you decide to become a coach in AYSO your efforts are supported by one of the most complete training programs there is. Depending on the age of the players you have decided to coach you will need to be trained for that level. You may already know how to coach at that age level, but in order to certify you for that level AYSO will need the paperwork as proof. Besides, you may learn something new or a better way of teaching something you know.

Coaching does come with some requirements. In order to coach in AYSO you must be certified. This means you must attend the coaches clinic designed for your level. You must also have completed the previous levels starting at beginning. As part of this training you will have learned about Safe Haven and the "Philosophies" of AYSO. All of these things will help support you efforts as a coach and make the soccer experience for the children Safe, Fair, and Fun.

Warm-up stretching!! You may be doing it wrong and causing damage to the player. Review the following for more information:
Basic Stretches - Part 1
Basic Stretches - Part 2

Check out the Simple Soccer Training and Coaching DVD Library! Simple Soccer DVDs are a collection of Award Winning soccer training DVDs aimed specifically at AYSO parents, coaches, and players. To quote Tom Becker (Region 9 Coach Administrator): "His DVDs are good, I have watched several...". As an extra bonus, every purchase of one of these DVD's will benefit Region 9!

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Game Cards

The Game Cards are an official record of each game that we are required to have for ALL divisions. Please fill them out correctly. Check our Game Card Info sample for a quick reminder. It shows which sections coaches AND referees should fill out.

Every season we get some game cards turned in that are not filled out correctly. This generally causes havoc with reporting the scores which in turn can delay the posting of standings.

Please make sure you include the following on the game card:

  • List the players by jersey NUMBER (NOT by name)
  • LEGIBLY print the players First AND Last name (either order is OK as long as both names are on the card)
  • Include your team number and division in the appropriate spots at the top of the card
  • List the Field, Date and Game Time in the appropriate spots near the bottom of the card

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This Week At The Creek

Did you miss the last edition of Tom Becker's "This Week at the Creek"? Look no further - we will post them here during the season.