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General Information


Referee Training

Area 10 E Super Camp Referee and Coach Training Click here for details


Returning Referee Form

If you are back for a 2nd season or a 22nd season, please take a minute or two to complete this important form.  This will ensure that we have current information for you, and that you will be able to get current information from us!



News and Reminders

Attention all Youth Referees (new and returning):  join us for Youth Referee Night with the LA Galaxy on September 21st.  Parents, siblings, coaches and Adult Referees are welcome to join us.

A Summary of Changes to the Laws of the Game 2013 has been added (added 8/12/2013)

The Laws of the Game 2013/2014 AYSO Edition are now available! (added 8/8/2013)

If you have not done so, please take the CDC Head's Up Concussion Training online course. The link to it is on our Training & Upgrades page.

Have you seen our new Substitution Procedures video yet?  It's now available on You Tube at http://youtu.be/UT4gpGleTY0.  You might even see some familiar faces!

We've added new links on the Referee Resources page which include:

Game Cards are an official record of each game that we are required to have. This applies to ALL divisions except U6. Please fill them out correctly. For details, click here: Game Card Info.
Note: For Divisions U10 and up, it is very important to get the scores recorded correctly on BOTH cards because they may affect the standings in a tie-breaker situation. (It is important to get them correct in U7 and U8 too, however, we do not have standings for those divisions. Still, it is good practice for refereeing the higher divisions.)

How important is a Referee?

Region 9 is proud of our referees and the Referee Program continually seeks to improve the quality of officiating for all AYSO matches to which we are assigned. Our dedicated volunteers referee for the players, for the spectators, and for the Good of the Game.

As a Referee, you are a very important part of the "AYSO Team".  Along with Coaches and Parents, you play a vital role in making sure that each child has a Fun, Safe and Fair experience in our soccer program.

Any AYSO game (other than U6) cannot be played without a properly trained and registered AYSO Referee!  In Region 9, every U7 - U14 team is required to have at least one Team Referee (although more is better!).   For U7 and U8 games, the Team Referee will officiate their own team's game (thus their will be two referees for the game, one from each team).  The U10, U12 & U14 games have three neutral officials: A Center Referee and two Assistant Referees. Team Referees do NOT officiate their own games in those divisions.

Contact our Regional Referee Administrator, Mark Spear, if you have any questions or need additional information about our Referee program.

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