Region 9 Staff Info Page


Field Monitoring For 2013

Information about Field Monitoring will be posted around August.

This page is intended to make life just a little bit easier for our hard-working Volunteers on the Region 9 Board and Staff.  Some of these pages are available to the public; other pages are password-protected and available ONLY to authorized Board and Staff members.  If you cannot access these password-protected pages but feel that you should be able to, please contact the Webmaster.

Google Apps

AYSO Region 9 has adopted Google Applications for all soccer related computer services:  e-mails, calendars, documents, forms, etc.  All Region 9 Board and Staff members should become familiar with and use these programs, beginning with the new e-mail system.
Contact Steve Cruise or Chuck Huffer for assistance or if you have questions or suggestions for using Google Apps.

Links to Pages and Forms

Region 9 Request for Proposal Form This form is to be used by vendors who wish to be considered as a supplier for uniforms and other large-ticket items purchased by Region 9.
Region 9 Reimbursement Request Please use this form (with receipts attached) to request reimbursement for an expense you incurred on behalf of the Region.
eAYSO for Division Administrators How to Create new teams, Add or Move players to teams, Look-up teams, add a Coach & other Volunteer information to teams.
How to Process Volunteer Forms Any Board member can check Volunteer forms, but it must be done correctly!
Board & Staff Directory (public) Names, titles, e-mail addresses.
Board & Staff Directory (detailed)
(available via Google Drive)
All of the above plus phone numbers, etc.
If you have an @ayso9.org e-mail address and have activated your account, you should be able to access this.  If not, contact our Webmaster
Coaches & Team Volunteers List
(password required)
Sorted by Team #, includes Team #, Volunteer name, Phone, E-mail address, additional details.
Volunteer Database (restricted!)
(password required)
The Region 9 local database (not linked to eAYSO).
Team Volunteers Listing
(password required)
A listing of a Team's or Division's Assistant Coach, Team Mgr, Team Ref, etc. (name, job, phone, e-mail).
Region 9 Guidelines
As of March, 2007
The governing document for Region 9.
2011-12 AYSO Reference Book A single resource to learn about AYSO Bylaws, policies, procedures, guidelines and operating principles. (It's over 260 pages long, so don't press Print!)