For Returning Referees

updated 7/30/2013

Welcome back!  We appreciate your commitment to our players as an AYSO volunteer.

If you have not done so, please take the CDC Head's Up Concussion Training online course. The link to it is on our Training & Upgrades page.

If you do need to replace part or all of your referee uniform, please use our Referee Uniform Form, or contact Gary Bell directly at

What you need to do to be ready for the Fall Regular Season:

  1. Make sure you are registered as an AYSO Volunteer for the current season at eAYSO (the same website and login you used to sign-up your child to play).
  2. All AYSO Referees who have NOT taken the new online AYSO Safe Haven course (including those who last took "Referee Safe Haven" prior to August 1, 2011) must take the new online course: AYSO Safe Haven.  You will need your AYSO Volunteer ID# in order to take it.
  3. Take a minute or two to fill out our Returning Referee Form.
  4. Attend a Pre-Season Referee Meeting (mandatory for all Region 9 referees, new and returning).
  5. Be sure that we have you in our Referee Scheduling database (this is separate program for Region 9; it is NOT eAYSO!).
  6. Refresh yourself on how to Schedule Yourself for games!  We are using the same online program as last year, with a few modifications as noted on the scheduling instructions page.
  7. Come see us at the Referee tent.

Need Some New Challenges?

The AYSO Extra Program: U10-U15 games Saturdays and Sundays during the Fall season and beyond.  These matches are for the experienced upper level referee.  Extra League offers a level of play much closer to that of Bronze level club soccer.  Extra League Qualified Referees ("ELQRs") work Extra League matches at the Creek that are designated as "home games."  ELQR's must attend the ELQR clinic and continuing education clinics during the season.  There is an administrative review process for becoming an ELQR. Contact Mark Spear for more information.

The AYSO Region 9 Adult League: The "big kids" have some fun on Sunday afternoons.  The Adult League matches present the Intermediate and up level referee the chance to work a full-length match of 90 minutes in a recreational “over 19/under 99” level of play.  A new Adult League umbrella association has recently been introduced, so specific requirements for Referees are still evolving.  Contact Chuck Huffer for more information.

Area 10E U16/19 matches: Older players and more challenging matches.  If you are a National Candidate then it is especially important that you submit your info to the RRA to make sure Area E assigns games to you. Contact Mark Spear for more information or if you have any questions.

Area E and Section 10 Playoffs: Starts in December.  The Area E playoffs are local and the Section 10 playoffs are in Bakersfield.  Experienced Intermediate and up referees interested in Section 10 play in Bakersfield should contact the RRA.  We are seeking a larger presence among the Region 9 referees going to this tournament.  Contact Mark Spear if you are interested.

Tournament Teams: Our Region 9 Tournament teams need referees for Tournaments near and far.  These matches offer the qualified referee a distinctive tournament environment and challenging level of play to officiate from November through June.  As a member of a three-referee crew attached to an tournament team, you’ll have the chance to travel and officiate in a higher level of play for teams all over Southern California.  Contact John Ciolino for more information.

Premier League: Region 9 offers a non-competitive environment perfect for a Regional Referee to take that first step into the middle as the Referee, or the Intermediate to step up to U14 play.  After the Fall Season ends, the Premier League runs from January through early March.  Players are focused on developing their skills, so it is important to offer them solid officiating to allow them to experiment, take risks and figure things out in a stress free, fair, fun, & safe way.  Contact Michael Wilson for more information.

Pot O' Gold Tournament: This is Region 9's primary fund-raiser each year, usually held at the Creek in March over 3 weekends (we normally have 200 teams involved, thus the need for 3 weekends).  Because the tournament features full-length, challenging and demanding levels of play, it is often used as the Field Assessment setting for Advanced Referees and Assistant Referees wishing to upgrade to a National level.  Teams from all over Southern & Central California (and sometimes Nevada and Arizona) converge on our fields to compete in this challenging and rewarding tournament.  If your passion is to referee, our Pot O' Gold tournament always lives up to its reputation!  We always need a lot of local help, both on the fields and at the ref tent.  Contact Chuck Huffer for more information.

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New or Improved This Season


Go to the Training & Upgrades page, then click the Updates link.

Mentoring and Advisor Program

Can you help out our new referees as a Mentor?  Don’t forget, the course is enough to get you in trouble, the time on the field is what gets you out of it. Our Mentor & Advisor program is designed to help you get your feet wet, build skills and gain confidence.

Referee Development Initiative

The Referee Development Initiative (RDI) is part of our overall regional referee program, managed by our Referee Advisor and Upgrades Programs with support from our Referee Instructor staff. The Initiative’s goal is to ensure success in referee development for both our U7/U8 program and our competitive league programs. Participants in the Initiative are returning referees who want to lend a hand and their experience to newer and upgrading referees. Upper level referee participants in the Initiative can use their participation towards their Upgrade Service Points. All Initiative participants will be able to participate in our referee incentives program(s) where points can be redeemed for referee specific gear. The Referee Development Initiative is designed to ensure nobody “new” is left on the field all alone. It’s much more fun to be supported and included in something bigger than the 40-90 minutes on the field.

RDI Trainings consist of a morning or afternoon clinic designed to provide Initiative participants with the tools and observation skills they’ll need to assist new and less experienced referees and ensure their new experience as officials in the Game is worth continuing and upgrading.

RDI for U7/U8 Program: Initiative participants will sign-up to work a U7/U8 match with a new U8 Adult or Youth Referee OR observe a newer referee for an entire U7/U8 match and offer specific positive, instructional and encouraging feedback to the referee pre-game, at halftime and following the match. Remember, for many U8 Referees this is their first exposure and experience as an official. Initiative participants are vital in ensuring the greenhorn’s experience is so fantastic they’ll want to come back and continue as a referee!

If you are participating in our Referee Development Initiative for U7/U8 through our Referee Advisor Program, you should attend our refresher training in addition to any RDI training session to bolster your skills and knowledge specific to the U8 program.

RDI for Competitive Program: Initiative participants will sign-up to work a U10, U12 or U14 match and work as an AR or Referee with a less experienced AR or Referee who wants to do more or improve their skills. Upper level referees may also wish to mentor an upgrading AR or Referee, or a first time Referee, and offer specific positive, instructional and encouraging feed-back pre-game, at the half and following the match. A third opportunity for Initiative participants who are upper level referees is to work under the guidance of one of our Regional Referee Assessors to participant in the Region’s informal Observation program, observing and documenting referee performance during the season. The Observation program is an important part of our Referee Instruction program evaluating the success of certification courses and trainings in actual match performance.

Contact our Regional Referee Administrator (RRA),  Mark Spear, if you have any other questions or need additional information.

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