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Youth Referees Night at the L.A. Galaxy!  Saturday September 21, 2013.  Click Here for details (added 8/12/2013)


We have a Facebook page for youth referees of AYSO Region 9. It is not mandatory for youth referees to use the page, but for those that use Facebook, it can be a fun place to talk about questions and recent games. Here is the link:


Region 9 has a Youth Referee program which allows younger volunteers the opportunity to participate as a Referee. The program is open to current players, former players, and those who have never played before between the ages of 14 and 18.

Youth Referees receive the same U8 or Basic Referee training as adult referees.  Also like our adult volunteers, Youth Referees are asked to attend 1 of our Pre-Season Referee Meetings.

New youth referees in Region 9 must be 14 or older as of July 1, 2013 with two exceptions:

  1. A youth volunteer age 12 or 13 as of July 1, 2013, may become a youth referee ONLY if their parent is also a referee (new or returning) AND works the same match with them.
  2. The age 14 restriction does not apply to youth referees AYSO trained and certified prior to July 1, 2011.

All Youth Volunteers (including Youth Referees), new and returning, are required to complete an AYSO Youth Volunteer Application.  A parent or guardian should login to eAYSO and select either Apply as a new youth volunteer (for first-time youth referees) or Apply as a continuing youth volunteer (for a returning youth referee).  A parent or guardian and the youth volunteer must sign and date two (2) copies of the printed Youth Volunteer Application and turn those Applications in to the Regional Referee Administrator or other Region 9 Board member.

There is no cost to any referee. Region 9 provides all necessary training, a uniform (shorts, socks, & shirt) and some accessories such as a whistle and data wallet. However, we do NOT supply a watch or shoes - you must do that yourself. We also ensure that the youth referee has the chance to do as many games as he or she wants to do (subject to availability), with plenty of adult help and guidance.

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Referee please contact Barry Weber, our Director of Youth Referee Development.

Note: Volunteering as an AYSO Referee may qualify for your community service  credits for High School. Contact your high school advisor and Barry Weber or Mark Spear, our Regional Referee Administrator, for details.

Be sure to check out the "All New Referees" and "All Returning Referees" links above for more information that applies to all referees, Youth and Adult.

Youth Referee Night with the Los Angeles Galaxy

On September 21, 2013 the AYSO Region 9 Youth Referee Development program will be sponsoring a special event for youth referees a night at an LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders soccer game.   Tickets for youth referees will be provided at no charge by Region 9!

Tom Bobadilla, AYSO National Referee Administrator will speak and answer questions for attendees at 6:30PM (before the game).   Tom Bobadilla has been a game official for more than 30 years and his credentials include U.S. Soccer National Instructor and Match Inspector where he mentors and evaluates both MLS and international referees. He was a member of the FIFA list from 1996 to 2002 as an Assistant Referee from the United States.

We need a count of youth referees, parents, friends and siblings who will want to attend this Galaxy game by August 31
While youth referees tickets will be covered by the region, other tickets will be available at approximately $27 each.
Transportation to the game will need to be provided for youth referees.   I can help coordinate if a parent is not coming.
Email your order information (full names of youth referee(s), others wanting tickets, preferred phone number) to Barry Weber at

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