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**** If you missed part of the Basic Referee class, or if you would like to review the materials covered in the classes, click here for a PDF version of the slides (in a somewhat different order than they were presented in class) ****  Added 9/4/2013

The location for Wednesday evening's Basic Referee class has been changed to the Goebel Adult Community Center. (updated 8/30/13)

The Laws of the Game 2013/2014 AYSO Edition are now available! (added 8/8/2013)

** Important **: If you have not done so, please take the AYSO's Head's Up Concussion Training online course at

U8 Referee Training

If you are a brand new Team Referee for a Region 9 U7 or U8 team, this is the place to start.  During one 3-hour classroom session and one 2-hour field session, you will learn the Laws of the Game and the AYSO Rules & Regulations as they apply to the soccer game which 6 and 7-year-olds play.  You will learn what to do, and how to do it, while having fun on the field with your son or daughter (or sibling, or grandchild) and helping all of the players have a Fun, Safe and Fair experience.

Each U-8 Referee candidate must attend both days of the course for an AYSO U-8 Referee Certification. Safe Haven and Concussion awareness must be taken online in order to referee AYSO matches.  Course I and II are independent but identical courses, except for date of presentation.

For more information, please contact John Flintoff, Region 9 Director of Instruction at:

Basic Referee Training

This course will prepare you to Assist with the officiating of U10 or U12 games and to become a Regional Referee.  During the two 3-hour classroom sessions and a 2-hour field session, your will learn the Laws of the Game and the AYSO Rules & Regulations in some depth and the mechanics of refereeing, especially as they apply to the role of an Assistant Referee.  After some real-game experience during the season, the hope is that you will be ready to take on the role of Center Referee for a U10 game before the season ends.
Note: You do NOT have to be a U8 referee to take this course.

Each Basic Referee candidate must attend all three sessions of the course for certification as an AYSO Basic Referee. Safe Haven and Concussion awareness must be taken online in order to referee AYSO matches.  Course I and II are independent but identical courses, except for date of presentation.

For more information, please contact John Flintoff, Region 9 Director of Instruction at:

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Sign Up for a Referee Course

  1. Go to (the same website and login you used to sign-up your child to play and to sign yourself up as a volunteer)
  2. Click on MyeAYSO, then Course Signup
  3. Search for Roster #:
    Roster # Course Dates
    201302718 U8 Referee Course August 22/24
    201303382 U8 Referee Course September 4/6
    201302715 Basic Referee Course August 22/23/24
    201303380 Basic Referee Course September 4/5/6
  4. Check the small circle next to the course information, then click on the Course signup button

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Are you ready to upgrade to an Intermediate, Advanced or National Referee?  Maybe you want more information or have questions about upgrading in general?  We've got just the right people for you!

If you would like to upgrade to a National Referee, please contact Danny White.
For all other upgrades, or general questions about upgrading, please contact Mark Spear.

Region 9 will be hosting an Intermediate Referee Upgrade Clinic Sept. 24-26 for experienced Regional Referees.  Click here for details.

Requirements for Badge Level Advancements

Intermediate Referee (minimum age 14)

Advanced Referee (minimum age 16)

National Referee (minimum age 18)

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Referee Instructors

Steve Ferry, Dir. Referee Instruction Competitive League (U10-14)
Steve has done nearly every job in Region 9, some more than once. He is a certified Referee Instructor, and Advanced Referee, and an Advanced Instructor candidate. His love for teaching and sharing experience on the pitch brings candidates in Region 9 considerable depth and richness. Steve has authored most of the training materials we use in Region 9 courses and is currently developing more video training tools to bring relevant curriculum to the 21st century referee.

Joe Tischler, Dir. Referee Instruction U8
Joe is a National Referee, certified Referee Instructor and a Referee Assessor. He is deeply committed to solid training of all referees, especially those new volunteers who come into the Referee Program at the youngest age divisions. Joe’s expertise and commitment is crucial to providing the U7/U8 referee that vital foundation upon which every future National Referee is built. Joe is also an aficionado of running the reverse diagonal.

John Flintoff, Referee Instructor
John is an Intermediate Referee and certified Referee Instructor and the Director of Region 9’s Advisor’s program. He’s played the game in Britain and officiated the game here in the US and brings deep and intuitive experience and knowledge to candidates.

Chuck Huffer, Referee Instructor
Chuck is Region 9's newest National Referee and a former RRA (as well as many other jobs in the Region). As a certified Referee Instructor, Chuck has trained and inspired countless Region 9 referees.

Francisco Leon, Referee Instructor
Francisco has played the game and is both an advanced Coach and a Referee. A native speaker of Spanish, Francisco applied his skills and knowledge to updating & refining the Spanish Language course material for AYSO. Currently, he and his wife Elizabeth Camacho-Leon teach the Basic Referee Course Español.

Elizabeth Camacho-Leon, Referee Instructor
Betsy co-directs Region 9’s Women Referee Development Program, is a Referee Advisor and an Intermediate Referee. She Instructs Region 9’s the Basic Referee Course Español as well as the U8 Referee Course.

David Woodruff, Referee Instructor
Dave is an upper level coach, Advanced Referee and a certified Referee Instructor. Like Francisco, Dave brings the unique experience of coaching to his Officiating and to our Referee candidates. Dave also teaches some of our Referee Continuing Education clinics.

Christopher Page, Referee Instructor
A reformed super-fan, Chris is a certified Referee Instructor, an Advanced Referee Instructor, National Referee candidate and a Referee Assessor. He is also a USSF Referee. The art of the Game is what keeps his weekends and weekdays occupied on this pitch.

Barry Weber, Referee Instructor
Barry is an Advanced Referee, a Referee Assessor and a certified Referee Instructor.  Barry is Director for Region 9's Youth Referee Program and has the distinction of being part of one the Region's (if not the Area's) top father-son referee teams; the other half of that team is his son Jake.

David Coe, Referee Instructor Emeritus
Dave is a National Referee, Certified Referee Instructor and the namesake of the Region 9 "Dave Coe Award", given annually to the “Referee of the Year.” Dave brings a long history of referee experience and instruction time to Referee candidates. We only give him the “Emeritus” title because he’s technically retired, even though he has darker hair that most of us.

Upcoming Referee Instructors

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