How to register a youth Player or a Volunteer (adult or youth) in Sports Connect

Quick Links:     Login to Sports Connect     Register a Player     Register a Volunteer     Volunteer Requirements  
Step 1.  Go to  
Step 2.   
If you DO already have a Region 9 Sports Connect Account,
click on the Login button then
click on "Register a Player", "Register a Volunteer" or "Volunteer Requirements" above

If you do NOT have a Region 9 Sports Connect Account,
follow the steps below:
Enter your Account Holder information (this is for an adult in the household, NOT for a youth Player
Data fields with a star * are REQUIRED fields!
Be sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom right of this screen!

You may want to add an Additional Account Holder to this Account (e.g. your spouse or another adult in your household),
especially if this person may want a Volunteer job with Region 9.
At the very bottom of the Account Holder Settings page: 
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