eAYSO for Region 9 Division Administrators

Revised 7/11/2012

Registering Players

Forming Teams

Create New Teams     Add/Move Players      Lookup Teams      Volunteers     Team Rosters/Reports

Go to Region - Teams - Create a Team

You might want to check to see if Teams have already been created for your Division; go to Region, Teams, Lookup to see if they are already there.

Enter the 4 required fields on this screen (you will come back to this screen several times before and during the season):

  1. Team Designation - this must be a unique 6-character entry (e.g. U07B03, U12G10).  The 1st 3 characters are the age group (U06, U07, U08, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19); the 4th character is the gender (B or G); the 5th & 6th characters are the team number (01-99).  No spaces, no dashes, just the letters U, B and G and numbers 0 to 9.
  2. Team Division - from the drop-down list, U-06 to U19 or VIP
  3. Team Gender - Boys or Girls
  4. Program - select Primary from the drop-down list (unless instructed otherwise)

Click on Submit to save what you have entered, then enter similar information for all teams in your Division.

Once Players have been put onto Teams, you will be coming back to this screen to enter the Team Coach and other Team Volunteers; the Team name and colors; and the Team Sponsor.

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Go to Region - Teams - Add/Move Players

You should see Region # = 9 and Membership Year = MY2012

Select Program = Primary from the drop-down list.

Select the Division and Gender for the Teams which you created earlier (e.g. U07 and Boys) in the left-hand column.  By default, the Team will be Unassigned.

Select the same Division and Gender in the right-hand column, and the Team to which you wish to Move Players (e.g. U07B01).

Place a checkmark beside each name in the left-hand column which you wish to Move to the Team in the right-hand column.  Once you have checked all 6 or 8 or however many Players' names, click on the single right chevron (>) to Move those Players from Unassigned to Team #U.....

When you are finished with 1 Team, select the next Team (e.g. U07B02) from the drop-down list in the right column, and repeat the above process of Moving Players from Unassigned to Team #U.....

Be aware that, each time you select a Division, Gender, or Team # from a drop-down box, the program will pause for a few seconds to load the names you have selected.  Sorry - we didnt' design the program, we just tell you how to use it!

You can use this same process if you need to Move a Player from one team to another one (don't do this once Teams have been formed unless you are following instructions on how and when to do so); or to Move a Player from a Team back to Unassigned (if he or she is a Drop; again, please follow instructions for doing so).

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Region - Teams - Lookup

Once you have Created your Teams and Moved Players to the Teams, you will periodically need to add or update information for all of your teams.

Select your Teams' gender (Teams = Boys only or Girls only), Division (e.g. U07) and Program = Primary (again, each time you select one of these items, the program will pause and process).

To Edit information about the Team (name, colors, Volunteers, etc.) click on the Edit link to the left of the Team Designation.  You will see the following screen, where you can:
1.  select the Team coach from the drop-down list of Registered Volunteers
2.  select other team volunteers such as Asst. coach, Team Parent, Referees (also from the drop-down lists)
3.  enter team information such as Team name, Team color, Team sponsor
See below for details on entering these details about each Team in your Division.  Please note that Coaches and Team Managers do NOT have access to this screen; this is information which must be entered by the DA.

In the Edit Team screen the 4 required fields (in red) are already filled in, and should not be changed (unless you need to correct something like the Team Designation).

Before the Teams are distributed to Coaches at the Coaches Meeting, and before Game Schedules can be created (these will be distributed a few weeks later) you must select the Team Coach from the drop-down list.  This is mandatory!!!

If the Coach's name is not available in the drop-down list that means that:

  1. he or she is not currently Registered as a Volunteer in eAYSO
  2. he or she is properly Registered, but has not been assigned the "job" of Coach in eAYSO.

Go to the Volunteers section for details on how to make sure Coaches, Referees, and Team Managers are properly Registered and assigned to Jobs.

After the Teams have been distributed to Coaches, but before the uniforms can be distributed to Teams and before the season begins in early September, the remaining information in the Edit Team screen must be completed for each Team.

Team Asst. Coach and Team Parent (Manager) are required, and are selected from the drop-down list as you did for the Team Coach.  Follow the same steps in  the Volunteers section for checking for their Volunteer Registration and Job status.  Many Teams will have more than 1 Asst and/or Team Manager; choose the 1st one listed or the one whose name appears in the drop-down list.

All Teams except for U06 are also required to have at least 1 Team Referee.  If a Team has 1 or 2 Team Referees, use the Asst. Referee 1 and Asst. Referee 2 drop-down lists for them.  In the case of more than 2 Team Referees, use any of the 4 available slots.  Again, use the Volunteers section for checking for their Volunteer Registration and Job status

Team Sponsor is also a required entry; this is a free-form field (i.e. no drop-down list).

Although Team Color and Team Name are not absolutely mandatory, this is very helpful information for Picture Day and for Referees and other staff during the season.  Please take a few minutes to enter this information!

To go to the Add/Move Players screen for that Team, click on the Team Designation (e.g. U07B01).  This is the same screen as the Add/Move Players screen discussed above.

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Go to Region - Volunteer - Registration

Do a Search for the Coach (by Last Name) first among Current Volunteers.

If his or her name is there (check the phone number and/or address to make sure you have the correct person, in the case of more common names), and Status = R, then they are properly Registered for the current season.

If their Status = A, they have completed the online Volunteer application, but they have not turned their signed, dated and verified application in to a member of the CVPA staff; or the CVPA staff have not yet processed their application.

If the Coach is not in the Current Volunteers list, check for Previous Volunteers (in the drop-down list near to top-left of this screen; again check the phone number an/or address).  If the Coach is in this list, he or she has been a Volunteer in a past season, but has not applied for or been registered for the MY2012 season.

If a Coach is not Registered for the current MY2012 season, or you do not find him or her in either the Current or Previous Volunteers list, you must contact the Coach (preferably by phone, to ensure that he or she gets the message) and remind him or her that he or she will not be allowed to coach until properly Registered for the current MY2012 season.  No exceptions.

Explain to the Coach that he or she must:
1.  complete the Volunteer Application in eAYSO
2.  print out 2 copies of their Volunteer Application
3.  sign and date both copies of the Application
4.  new Region 9 Volunteers must have their Applications verified by a Region 9 Board member (that's you, as a DA); the Volunteer must present a picture ID (Drivers License, etc.) in person; verification is not required for a returning Volunteer.
5.  properly signed, dated and verified Applications must go to a member of the CVPA staff, either directly by the Volunteer, or by a Board member.  Volunteer Applications should not be given to the Team Coach or Team Manager.

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If the Coach is properly Registered but does not appear in the drop-down list of Coaches in the Edit Team screen, then you need to go to:

Region - Volunteer - Manage Positions

Search for the Coach by name or by AYSO ID#.  If there is more than 1 name listed (e.g. a common name like Robert Smith) you might want to click on the name and confirm phone number and/or address.

There is space for 3 Volunteer "jobs".  By default, everyone is listed as a Rgnl Volunteer.  If that is the only "job" listed for the Volunteer, use the drop-down list and select Job1 = Team Coach (you will do the same thing later for Referees and for Team Parent/Manager).  If the Volunteer already has another specific "job" (e.g. Referee) then select Team Coach for Job2 or Job3.  Then click Done.

Return to the Teams section

Team Rosters & Reports

Go to Reports - Team

Make sure that Membership Year = MY2012

Select Programs = Primary (for the Fall youth program) or Extra (for the Extra teams only)

Select the Team Gender (Boys or Girls) and Division (e.g. U-07, U-14) for the Team(s) you want

Typically you will want the Roster sort = Last Name/First Name

Select Report type = Non-Tournament Rosters (for the Primary program youth teams); select Report format = PDF.  Even if you only want 1 Team's roster, when you go to Print the PDF file, you can choose a single page to print out.
You may find the Roster Book useful if you want a spreadsheet list you can manipulate; in this case Report format = Excel.

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