AYSO Region 9 - Team Volunteers Schedule Fall 2013

Posted 8/30/2013

Every team is REQUIRED to provide Adult Volunteers once or twice during the 2013 season.  These Volunteers are critical to ensuring that our sons and daughters have a fun and safe soccer experience.

All Team Volunteers are asked to report at their assigned time (see the Schedule below) to the Volunteer Tent (see the field map for location).  Please come ready to help our 2000 boys & girls & their families with a smile on your face; comfortable clothing and shoes are suggested, as you may be asked to do some walking and/or some physical work.

Thanks for helping to make AYSO Region 9 a special place for our kids!

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Need your Team Number?  If you know your Coach's name and the Team's Division (e.g. U6 Girls, U12 Boys) you can look up the Team Numbers here.


Team Volunteers Schedule (U06 - U14 - Boys & Girls)

Jobs Time 7-Sep 21-Sep 28-Sep 5-Oct 12-Oct 19-Oct 26-Oct 2-Nov 9-Nov 16-Nov 23-Nov
Opening Duties & FM 6:30am to 8:30am   U14B05 U12B01 U12B02 U12B04 U14B04 U12B11 U14B06 U10G02 U14B02 U12B06 U12B03
U08B16 U08G03 U08G02 U07G01 U07G02 U08B05 U08G01 U08B13 U08B08 U08B17 U08G09
7:45am - 9:45am U06G11 U06B22 U06B14 U06G12 U06B04 U06B06 U06B02 U06B01 U06B03 U06B20 U06B13
U06B06 U06B07 U06B08 U06B10 U06B01       U06B08   U06B02
8:15am to 10:15am U12G05 U12G08 U14G04 U12B05 U12G03 U14G02 U12G06 U12G11 U12G07 U12G10 U12G02
U12G14 U12B08 U10G03 U10G11 U10G13 U10B03 U10G19 U10G14 U10G06 U10G07 U12B11
U10G17 U10B11 U10G10 U10B13 U10B14 U10B17 U10B15 U10B08 U10B10 U10B18 U10B06
U10B20 U10B24 U10B19 U08G08 U08G09 U08G05 U08G11 U08G10 U08G03 U08B01 U08G06
U07G11 U07G08 U08B12 U07B03 U07B05 U07B04 U07B11 U07G10 U07G03 U07B09 U07G14
U07B13 U07B07 U07B17 U06G04 U06G18 U07B16 U07B14 U06G06 U06B05 U06G02 U07B10
10:00am to 12:00pm U14G03 U12G12 U12G09 U14G05 U12B09 U12G10 U12B08 U14G01 U14G04 U12G08 U10G03
U10G02 U12B03 U10G14 U10G16 U10G18 U10G17 U10G05 U12B10 U12B05 U12B04 U10G08
U10G19 U10B16 U10B17 U10B09 U10B20 U10B05 U10B16 U10B02 U10B04 U10G12 U10B07
U08B06 U08B03 U08G05 U07G10 U08B14 U08B17 U07G07 U08B09 U07G08 U08B15 U08B18
U07G07 U07B15 U07G14 U07B12 U07G12 U07G13 U06B21 U07B17 U07B15 U07B11 U07G02
U07B01 U07B18 U06G07 U06B17 U07B13 U06B17 U06B18 U06G12 U06B23 U06B24 U07B12
U07B16 U06B19 U06B24 U06G14 U06B19 U06B23 U06G13 U06B22 U06G14 U06G17 U06G15
11:45am to 1:45pm U12G01 U14B02 U12B06 U12G07 U14B01 U12G12 U12G14 U12G03 U12B07 U14B03 U14B04
U10G09 U14B06 U10G08 U12B10 U12G02 U10G09 U10B01 U12B09 U10G11 U10G04 U12G04
U10B04 U10G16 U10G12 U10B18 U10B22 U08B03 U08G08 U08G07 U08G04 U10B03 U10B13
U10B23 U08G10 U08B04 U08G07 U08B15 U08B11 U07G06 U07G01 U08B06 U08G12 U08B02
U07G03 U07G12 U07B02 U07G06 U07B08 U06G10 U07B07 U07B06 U07G04 U07G09 U08B07
U07B04 U06G02 U06B15 U06B13 U06G01 U06B12 U06G03 U06G07 U06G05 U06G18 U06G03
U06B11 U06B09 U06G13 U06B12 U06B16 U06G17 U06G09 U06B16 U06G10 U06B15 U06B10
1:30pm to 3:30pm U10G05 U10G01 U14B03 U12G11 U12B12 U12G04 U12B01 U14B05 U12G09 U14B01 U12G13
U10B05 U10B01 U10B02 U10B08 U10G15 U10B06 U10G20 U12B02 U10G10 U10G13 U10G18
U10B15 U10B10 U08G01 U10B21 U08G04 U08G02 U10B12 U10B22 U10B09 U10B14 U10B19
U08B01 U08B05 U07G04 U08B08 U08B13 U07B02 U08G06 U08B14 U08B04 U08B12 U08B10
U07B06 U07G09 U07B09 U07G05 U06G08 U07B10 U07B18 U07B01 U07B03 U07G11 U07G05
U06G01 U06G05 U07B14 U06G06 U06G15 U06B09 U06G04 U06G16 U07B05 U07B08 U06G09
FM & Closing Duties 3:15pm to 5:15pm U14G01 U12B07 U14G02 U10G06 U10G07 U12G13 U10G04 U14G03 U14G05 U12G01 U12G05
U12G06 U10G20 U10B07 U10B12 U10B24 U08G12 U08B02 U10G01 U10B11 U10G15 U12B12
U08B11 U07G13 U08B09 U08B07 U08B10 U08B18 U08B16 U06G08 U10B23 U10B21 U08G11
U06B05 U06G16 U06B18 U06B21 U06B20 U06B11 U06B14 U06B07 U06B04 U06G11 U06B03