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Need a replacement uniform for a player? Send an e-mail to

If you missed the Player Uniform Distribution that was held August 21st, please contact your Division Administrator. Remember: You must submit your list of Team Volunteers BEFORE you can get your uniforms!

The Team Managers meeting for all U06 - U14 teams was held at 6:30 PM on Thursday August 22nd, 2013.
If you missed that meeting, please contact Stacy Peratis immediately!

Player uniforms for all U06 - U14 teams were distributed on Sunday August 18th.
Check the Uniform Distribution web page for details if your team could not get their uniforms then.  (updated 8/26/2013)

Submit information on your Team's Volunteers (Team Managers, Assistant Coach, Team Referees, Team Sponsors) on-line by Clicking here.

General Information

The Team Volunteers Schedule are posted as well as the Games Schedules. Click on the "Calendars, Schedules" link from the main menu above to access them.

Need a copy of the Team Sponsorship form that was in the Coaches packets?  Click here (this is in PDF format)

Not sure if your Team's information has been received?  Check Team Uniform info (this list is updated periodically).

Not sure if you are already a Registered AYSO Volunteer for the 2013 season? Check here 2013 Registered Volunteers to see if your name is there.

Team Volunteers Information

Every Region 9 team must have the following Volunteers before the children can play AND before uniforms will be distributed:

The Coach or Team Manager should submit this information to the Region via our Online Form.
Not sure if your Team's information has been received?  Check Team Uniform info (this list is updated periodically).

If you are not yet registered as an AYSO Volunteer, please complete your online application at
Print, sign and date two (2) copies of your Volunteer Application and then contact any Executive Board member to arrange a time and place to get your paperwork signed off.

Your Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager(s) and Team Referee(s) must first be registered as AYSO Volunteers. In addition, all Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Referees must have completed AYSO Certification and Training for their jobs. The Coaches and Referees sections of this website have more details.

Each team must provide at least 2 Adult Volunteers for each of their 2 assigned volunteer dates. EACH Adult Volunteer will work a 2-hour shift and be assigned to an area that needs the most attention when they report for duty.

Team Banners and Team Gifts

Please review the Region 9 Team Banners and Team Gifts Guidelines.

Contact Stacy Peratis if you have any questions or need additional information.

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