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Sat 9/9/2023 11:00 AM CC_F 08U B, Grp A 08UB04 v 08UB09 ?, ? N ?, ? N ?, ? N ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:00 AM CC_G 08U G, Grp A 08UG03 v 08UG08 ?, ? N ?, ? N ?, ? N ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:00 AM CC_L 12U G, Grp A 12UG02 v 12UG05 Parmelee, Sam N 10UB08 Anderson, Kenneth N 12UG06 Dumont, Jeffrey N 14UB02 ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:00 AM CC_M 12U B, Grp A 12UB02 v 12UB11 Hedges, Patrick N Yesionek, Julia N 10UB18 Yesionek, Benjamin N 10UB18 ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:00 AM CC_N 14U B, Grp 14UB02 v 4c Weber, Barry N Huffer, Charles N Alessihausenbauer, Joseph N 12UG04 ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:00 AM CC_T 12U B, Grp A 12UB06 v 12UB07 Popp, Steven N Bradley, Michael N 14UB01 Barrett, John N ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:45 AM CC_H 10U B, Grp A 10UB04 v 10UB07 Rosen, Daniel N White, Cyrus N B2013Bl Crossley, Kevin N 14UG01 ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:45 AM CC_I 10U G, Grp A 10UG03 v 10UG06 Coyne, Sarah N 14UG02 Mozes, Hayden N 12UG01 Swamy, Ayyappa N 12UB02 ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:45 AM CC_J 10U B, Grp B 10UB13 v 10UB18 Donohoe, Sean N Gutierrez, Erik N G2014Bl Rearick, Carolyn N 10UB11 ?, ? N ?, ? N
Sat 9/9/2023 11:45 AM CC_K 10U G, Grp B 10UG12 v 10UG13 Qutami, James N G2011Wh Houck, Charles N G2011Bl Sarria, Macy N 10UB08 ?, ? N ?, ? N