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Total Records: 856
Game # Date Time Field # Division / Group Home Team Away Team Practice Game?
0108UB0112 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_F 08U B Grp A 08UB01 08UB12 Y
0110UB0308 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_H 10U B Grp A 10UB03 10UB08 N
0110UG0108 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_I 10U G Grp A 10UG01 10UG08 N
0110UB1219 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_J 10U B Grp B 10UB12 10UB19 N
0110UG0916 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_K 10U G Grp B 10UG09 10UG16 N
0112UG0106 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_L 12U G Grp A 12UG01 12UG06 N
0112UB0112 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_M 12U B Grp A 12UB01 12UB12 N
0114UG0102 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_N 14U G Grp 14UG01 14UG02 N
0112UB0409 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM CC_T 12U B Grp A 12UB04 12UB09 N
01Stby1 Sat 9/9/2023 8:00 AM Stby Stby C Grp A Y
0107UB0102 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_C 07U B Grp A 07UB01 07UB02 Y
0107UB1204 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_D 07U B Grp A 07UB12 07UB04 Y
0107UG0110 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_E 07U G Grp A 07UG01 07UG10 Y
0108UB0211 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_F 08U B Grp A 08UB02 08UB11 Y
0108UG0110 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_G 08U G Grp A 08UG01 08UG10 Y
0106UG0108 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_P 06U G Grp A 06UG01 06UG08 Y
0106UB1003 Sat 9/9/2023 9:00 AM CC_Q 06U B Grp A 06UB10 06UB03 Y
0110UB0209 Sat 9/9/2023 9:15 AM CC_H 10U B Grp A 10UB02 10UB09 N
0110UG0207 Sat 9/9/2023 9:15 AM CC_I 10U G Grp A 10UG02 10UG07 N
0110UB1120 Sat 9/9/2023 9:15 AM CC_J 10U B Grp B 10UB11 10UB20 N
0110UG1015 Sat 9/9/2023 9:15 AM CC_K 10U G Grp B 10UG10 10UG15 N
01Stby2 Sat 9/9/2023 9:15 AM Stby Stby C Grp A Y
01EPICEPIC3 Sat 9/9/2023 9:30 AM CC_L EPI C Grp A EPIC3 12UG06 Y
01EPICEPIC4 Sat 9/9/2023 9:30 AM CC_M EPI C Grp A EPIC4 12UB04 Y
01EPICEPIC5 Sat 9/9/2023 9:30 AM CC_N EPI C Grp A EPIC5 Y