2013 Premier League
Referee Information

Premier League Referee Policy

Premier League play begins Saturday, January 12, 2013.

Premier League offers a non-competitive environment perfect for a Regional Referee to take that first step into the middle as the Referee, or the Intermediate to step up to U14 play. Players are focused on developing their skills, so it is important to offer them your best job officiating to allow them to experiment, take risks and figure things out in a stress free, fair, fun & safe way.

Premier League is self supporting: there is a limited referee staff that may or may not be available to support matches so each team must provide it's own referees in order to play each game scheduled on each match day.

Referees should schedule their match assignments and slots using the our Region 9 Scheduling Application. Please follow the scheduling protocols for Premier League. Scheduling instructions are provided. Referees must schedule matches in advance even though they may work their own team's matches during Premier League. Schedules are printed each Friday night at 10:00 PM, so schedule your matches as soon as possible.

Assignment Changes or Questions: If you need to change or delete an assignment, or have general questions related to Refereeing, click here.

Team Referees will be allowed to work matches with their own teams. Coaches are NOT permitted to referee their own team's matches.

With each team providing a referee for the match, one shall become the Referee ("Center" or "REF") and the other shall work as an Assistant Referee ("AR"). A parent shall be recruited to work at the 3rd referee, in the capacity as a "Club Linesman" and calling only balls in and out of play.

The Region will attempt to provide independent referees for the Referee ("Center" or "REF") position, but such resources may be limited and a Team Referee may ultimately be called upon to work the match.

Game Cards are required and will be used for game documentation purposes only. All of Premier League is non-competitive and everyone is a winner.

FIFA Laws as modified by AYSO and Region 9 shall apply to all Premier League Matches.