AYSO Region 9 Pot O' Gold
Referee Scheduling Instructions

For the Pot O' Gold Tournament, we are using a self-scheduling system for Team Referees.  Any comments or suggestions would be welcome; direct them to Chuck Huffer, the Tournament Referee Director.

Team Referees, please note:

  1. Team Referees are expected to schedule themselves for games during the weekend their Team is playing.  If you represent a Boys team then you should sign up for games during the Boys weekend; if you represent a Girls team, then the Girls weekend.
  2. It is explained in detail below, but each Team's referees are expected to complete (not just sign up for) 6 referee assignments.  This can be any combination of Centers + AR's + Standbys.  That's 6 assignments per team, not per referee!

The Referee Scheduler is password-protected.  You should have received (or will soon receive) an e-mail with your individual User ID.  You can change your default Username and Password (also included in the e-mail) at the following web page: http://aysoregion9.web803.discountasp.net/POG2005/RefPW.asp

Type in the User ID exactly as it appears in your e-mail message, then click on the Search button.  Your Username and Password will be displayed.  If you want to change either or both, click on your User ID link in the List of Referees window, make the changes in the Edit window, and click on the Submit button


To schedule yourself for a Referee Assignment go to Boys 10U-14 Referee Scheduling or Girls 10U-14 Referee Scheduling

You will first be asked for your Username and Password (from above):


You will then see the Scheduler page:


You can narrow down the list of Referee Assignments by doing a search:

  1. For a specific Division (e.g. Age Group = 10U and Gender = Boys)
  2. For a specific Date (e.g. Date = 03/07/2020)
  3. For a specific group of games (e.g. for all 12U Boys games in Pool C, Game # starts with = B12UC)

Enter your search criteria and then click on the Search button.

In the List of Referee Assignments you will see ALL of the assignments which meet the search criteria you set. For example, 10U Boys in 2011 had 42 games with 3 assignments each:  a Center slot and 2 AR slots.

To schedule yourself for a Referee Assignment:

  1. Click on the Game # (e.g. B10UB1B2, STBYB01) for the date, time and field you want
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. For each open assignment (Center Referee, AR1, AR2), you will see a separate small box with
    1. The Game # (this cannot be changed)
    2. A field to select your POG Referee ID (e.g. SmithW/0009/N) (Required)
    3. A space for you to enter the letter Y to confirm that this is the assignment you want (Required)
    4. A drop-down list of Teams (if you want a specific Team to get credit for your efforts)
  4. Click the Submit button to send your request; click the Cancel button to clear the 2 fields.

Please note that you will NOT see the Center Referee, AR1 or AR2 box for any assignment which is already filled, including any with your name.  If you signed up for an assignment by mistake, or have to make a change, please contact the Tournament Referee Administrator with the specifics of which assignment you wish to cancel or change:  Date, Time, Field, Game #.

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A few suggestions for scheduling yourself for Referee Assignments:

1.  If you are a Team Referee and wish to avoid conflicts with your Team's scheduled games, you may want to first check your Team's game schedule at http://aysoregion9.web803.discountasp.net/POG2005/GameSchedule2.asp.  In the Search box, select your team from the first drop-down list (e.g. 10UB/0009/Lorch) and click on the Search button.  You will see the Team's 3 or 4 matches:


You might want to print this page out or leave it open in a separate browser window as you schedule yourself for games.

2.  Please do NOT schedule yourself for games which include your Team, other Teams from your Region or other Teams in your Team's competitive Pool (all of which you can determine from the Match schedule above; e.g. 10UB/0009/Lorch is the 10U Boys team from Region 9 coached by Lorch).  For instance, if your team is B10UB03 (i.e. Boys 10U, Pool B), do not schedule yourself for any other B10UB games.

3.  Please schedule yourself only for assignments for which you have sufficient training, experience and comfort!  For example, if you are a first-year Regional referee, you should not be doing a 14U Boys Center.  The National AYSO Tournament Guidelines specify that Regional referees should not Center anything higher than a 10U match, Intermediates should be limited to 12U matches or younger, Advanced to 14U matches or younger and Nationals to 16U & 19U.  For Assistant Referee slots, the limits are:  Regional = 12U, Intermediate = 14U, Advanced = U16/18.

We reserve the right to move you to what we consider to be a more appropriate level match.  We also reserve the right to make changes to the Referee Schedule for other administrative reasons, including the need to use 14U Boys and 19U Boys matches for referee assessments.

4.  Please remember that we need twice as many Assistant Referees as we do Center Referees!  And we need Standby referees!  If you sign up for a Center Referee slot, your other assignment(s) should be AR's and/or Standby's.  Again, we reserve the right to make changes.

5.  Each 10U-14U Team accepted into the Pot O Gold is required to complete at least 6 referee assignments (i.e. 6 AR's or2 Centers + 4 AR's or1 Center + 2 AR's + 3 Standbys, etc.) to be eligible for a full refund of their Referee Deposit.  No, if you sign up for 12 slots your Team will NOT get back twice as much!  If you are really into refereeing, please wait until just a few days before the Tournament before signing up for extra games.  Let everyone have a chance!  Besides, it is not fair to yourself or to the players if you do more than 2 to 3 matches in any one day, no matter how young and fit you are.  You know ... we reserve the right ...

Reminder - the requirement is 6 total assignments for the Team, not each referee!

6.  If you want your referee team to work games together, get the three of you together at a computer and do the sign-ups as a group.  You can only sign yourself up for games (unless another person trusts you with his or her Username and Password).  Requests for lost Usernames or Passwords will only be sent to the e-mail address we have on record for a referee.
It is OK for one member of your referee team (preferably the most experienced referee) to sign up for 2 or all 3 assignments on a match IF:

  1. He or she contacts the Tournament Referee Administrator within 48 hours with the name(s),Region(s) and specific assignments (e.g. Center, AR1, AR2) which each person will be doing for that match
  2. All referees are properly registered with the Pot O' Gold

If a referee's name does not appear in the RefID drop-down list for Referee Schedule then he or she is not properly registered. Complete the http://aysoregion9.web803.discountasp.net/POG2005/RefInfoUser2015.asp web page (eAYSO Volunteer ID# is required!), print the page and then have it signed by the Referee Administrator.

7.  To see a list of all Referee Assignments(searchable by referee name, by Region, by Team, etc.) go to: http://aysoregion9.web803.discountasp.net/POG2005/RefSchedList.asp
This could be useful for Team Coaches/Managers to see if and when their Team's referees are signed up.  Or for Regional Referee Administrators to see who from their Region is refereeing in the Pot O Gold.  Or for an individual referee to see what he or she has signed up for.  The schedule also includes information on the Home and Visitor teams, including jersey colors.

8.  The on-line Referee Schedule is not final until we so state on the website, typically 7 days prior to the Tournament.  We may have to make changes up until game day.  We will try to make sure that affected referees are notified, but we cannot make any guarantees.  We strongly suggest that you check your schedule one last time just before you hop in the car for the trip to Thousand Oaks.

Again, your comments and suggestions are welcome; direct them to Chuck Huffer.

Thanks for your support of Region 9's Pot O' Gold Tournament!

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