2024 Pot O' Gold Tournament
Referee Instructions


1) Please make sure that you check in at the Referee Tent at least 30 minutes before each of your assigned times. Print your name in the appropriate 10U, 12U, or 14U Team Referee Sign-In Book for each assignment, and initial by your name on the Referee Schedule.

2) Pot O' Gold referees are expected to arrive at the Referee Tent in proper uniform (yellow jersey, black shorts, black socks, and black shoes) and properly equipped (AYSO badge, whistle, watch).

3) Check back at the Referee Tent after each assignment, to turn in game cards, complete any paperwork and check on further assignments.

4) Referee shirts, coins, and refreshments will be distributed after you have completed your 1st assignment (whether it is a match or standby assignment).

5) All matches are full length (10U = 25 minute halves, 12U = 30, 14U = 35). All matches must start and finish on time. If a team is not on the field and ready to play five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time, the game will be considered a forfeit.

6) 10U matches are 7 v 7 (minimum 5 to play); 12U are 9 v 9 (minimum 6 to play); all others are 11 v 11 (minimum 7 to play).

7) In the event of a uniform color conflict, the home team will change jerseys or wear pinnies over their jerseys. The home team will also provide the match ball. The home team is on the North (Janss Road) or West (freeway) side of the field.

8) Referees should conduct a standard AYSO pregame: Field inspection, player inspection, instructions and coin toss.
For each game: each Team's coach will provide a Game Card to the referee crew prior to the start of the game.  Every card should have  stamp on it, indicating that the Team's roster has been checked-in and verified by the Tournament staff prior to play. In case of disputes over player safety issues, the Tournament Referee Administrator or his designee shall make the final decision.

9) In the event of inclement weather, player and referee uniform requirements may be modified to allow for rain and/or cold weather clothing.

10) Substitutions:

11) All non-Championship games may end in a tie, including Divisions with 5-team brackets.  In a 5-team bracket, each team plays 4 games; there is no 1st & 3rd place game.

12) Championship Games - Overtime:

13) After the match ends and the teams have left the field, make sure both Game Cards are signed by all 3 referees and have the following information filled out correctly: Date, scheduled start time, field #, half-time score and final score. Please indicate the teams by TEAM NUMBER (e.g. A1, B7, etc.) and NOT by color or Region. Several Regions send multiple teams and the Tournament staff rely on the TEAM NUMBER to track them correctly. Turn in the completed Game Cards  directly at the Ref Tent.

14) All Cautions and Send-Offs must be noted on the game cards as they can potentially affect the standings. A Misconduct Report must also be completed and turned in the Ref Tent. Report forms are available at the Ref Tent.

For questions or additional information contact Chuck Huffer.

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