Region 9 Annual Awards For 2012

Region 9 annually hands out awards to various volunteers for their exceptional work in helping to keep our Region running smoothly during the Fall Regular season. Up until 2011, we've never really had a place to post the names of the winners, except for the Referee program. Now we have created a page to list ALL of the Volunteer award winners, not just the referees.

Although the awards are presented and handed out by specific individuals, they each receive feedback and input from other volunteers, staff members and even parents and players during the year to help them determine the best individual(s) for awards. There can be multiple winners of an award either by itself or within a specific category.

Region 9 Volunteer of the Year

(Gary Rogers Distinguished Service Award)

Awarded by the Regional Commissioner

Tom Skaff

The Gary Rogers award is in memory of a long-time coach and volunteer in Region 9 who, despite having a terminal illness, spent the last two years of his life coaching. He passed away just 3 weeks after the conclusion of the 1990 season having led his U14 Boys team (then called Division 3) to a league championship. This award is given to a volunteer in the region who has devoted considerable time to the region during the season, made a significant impact by doing so and best represents the ideals of AYSO.

Referee Awards

Awarded by the Regional Referee Administrator

Dave Coe Award (Referee of the Year): Barry Weber
Referee Workhorse Award: John Ciolino
New Referee of the Year: (None)
Youth Referee of the Year: Rafael Alva

The Dave Coe award is given to a referee who has devoted much time and energy to the program in more ways than just refereeing games.  It is named in honor of a gentleman who was one of the first National Referees in AYSO, wrote the first National Chief Referee Manual and developed the original Referee Training Program for regional referees.  He also served as a commissioner in Region 9 and continues to participate in the Region 9 Referee program as an Instructor when he is available.

Coaching Awards

Awarded by the Regional Coaching Administrator

Tony Caloroso Award: Don Macleod
Exceptional Coaches: Ken Anderson
  Scott Barshay
  Vince Castell
  Laura Kiszczak

The Tony Caloroso award is given to the coach who best exemplifies the AYSO philosophy through coaching.  It is named in memory of a man who coached for many years in Region 9 and created many firsts for the Region.  Things such as building a food truck to supply the AYSO fields with food during games, creating an exchange program that took AYSO teams to Europe and creating an All-Star Spring Soccer Program.  That program faded away after a while, but the idea was resurrected years later by Steve Ferry and Tony's son, Gary Caloroso.  Today it is known as the Premier League.

The Exceptional Coaches awards for additional coaches who have made a significant impact during the season and have been recognized by staff, parent and players on their teams.